Net Zero Specialists

Supporting your journey towards net zero

We’ve created a team of Net Zero Specialists to enable all businesses that bank with us to explore the options available on their transition plans towards net zero. Our experts could help you navigate the complex challenges and opportunities through education and by directing you to available resources. We’ll also help identify where any complementary green finance options could support your net zero plans.1 All for free.

I'm Dale Young and I'm a Net Zero specialist for Barclays Business Bank.
A Net Zero specialist is a representative, that's able to support customers who are on their journey of becoming net zero by 2050.
Now, the great thing about these appointments, is they are done virtually, so you can do it in the comfort of your own home or office, but also, you can bring multiple people into the call.
We asked business customers to meet one of three of the eligibility criterias.
We want to help customers break that net zero strategy down into three scopes.
We want the customers to think about what they can control, such as the energy tariff.
And also, we want them to think about things that are outside of their control.
Things like how they're getting goods into the UK, have they actually got a baseline in place that will help them formulate a plan to get to net zero by 2050.
And then we work with customers to see how they can really meet and exceed that goal.
Another really important factor which we help customers on is about winning and retaining business.
You will find that having a net zero plan may put you on the front foot over your competitors.
What we're finding is, with mainly with blue chip companies, is that they are now contacting their supply chain, asking them whether they actually have a net zero plan in place.
One great memory I have is of a business I helped called The British Emporium.
They initially started off with a net zero plan, but now that net zero plan has expanded and they have now published that plan into a policy which is now visible on The British Emporium website.
Beyond the Policy, British Emporium, are really putting their plan into action.
They're using LED lighting and plastic-free shelving in-store.
They're using recyclable cups and second-hand furniture, and they're also sourcing all of their products from Great Britain to avoid long-distance travel by air or by sea.
The sustainability journey is forever evolving, and it's really important that we stay close to our customers and support them wherever we can.
It doesn’t matter what size turnover you are, what industry you are in.
We just really are keen to support you on the journey of reaching your net zero objectives.

How could our specialists help your business?

They’ll work with you to assess your current level of progress towards net zero

They’ll help to provide tailored next steps and resources

·You’ll get a one-hour virtual meeting with a Net Zero Specialist 

You’ll get ongoing support as you progress towards your targets

It’s free to any business that banks with us

Ready to discuss your net zero journey?

Request a callback from a Net Zero Specialist

Our team of specialists are ready to discuss the ways we can help support your business towards Net Zero. Request a callback to get started. 

Who we help

Our Net Zero Specialists can suggest some fundamental ways for all businesses to implement net zero plans and help shape each individual approach. 

Before you have a conversation with a Net Zero Specialist, please check that you meet one of following criteria:

You’ve measured the carbon emissions of your business

You have a plan to help your business achieve net zero

You’ve made or have planned investments which support your business to reduce emissions

If you don’t meet the criteria and haven’t started your net zero journey yet, please call our team of Relationship Managers instead, for information and tools and resources, or visit our How to get started section.

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