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Foreign currency account

What we can offer to you

Reduce your exposure to exchange-rate fluctuations and simplify international payments, whether you’re importing or exporting.

Why open a currency account?

Accounts are available in a range of currencies freely traded in London, with no minimum balance.

  • Reduce exposure to exchange-rate fluctuations
  • Reduce admin and foreign-exchange costs
  • No need to transfer funds to a sterling account
  • Euro and US and Canadian dollar transactions settled on the same day, other currencies in 2 working days
  • 24/7 access in Online or Telephone Banking or with the Barclays app
  • For more information on rates and charges, you can view our foreign currency account tariffs.

Want to open a currency account

Barclays business account holders

If you already have a business account with us, call us on

0345 605 23451 <£1m turnover

0800 027 13212 £5m+ turnover

0333 202 74552 £1m to £5m turnover

0333 202 74522 Agricultural clients

New to Barclays business?

Call us on 0800 515 462 3 if you don’t have a business account with us.

Department for Business and Trade

Exporting for the first time or looking to expand your overseas sales? The Department for Business and Trade has a range of useful tools and guidance for businesses that want to export.

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