Support in difficult times

We’re here for your business

If your business is facing tough times and you need extra support or different services than normal, please contact us in the usual way so we can help. You can also take a look at our guides below for coping with financial difficulty, health challenges, life events and improving your digital skills.

Financial support

Business money management

Help keep your business finances healthy.

Develop your business money-management skills with our guides on managing cashflow.

Business debt management

How to spot the warning signs and act on them.

Many financial difficulties can be resolved relatively easily, but, left unchecked, some can have more serious consequences.

Business Health Pledge hub

We’re helping businesses build resilience​. Visit the hub to learn about our Business Health Pledge and access tools and support to help your business recover and grow.

Money worries

Worried about your finances? Our practical advice can help you tackle money troubles, improve your financial habits and find the support you need.

Health-related issues

Wellbeing at work

Resources and advice to help you take care of yourself and your team.

How to balance illness and debt

Your finances are important – your health is too.

Being diagnosed with an illness affected many areas of Anna’s life, especially her finances – with all of this, she started to miss payments.

Mental health support

We explain how to recognise the signs of problems with mental health, how to keep on top of your finances, and where you can go for help.

Life events

Life’s moments

How we help you through life.

Improving your digital skills

Digital confidence

Learn, practice and perfect new digital skills.

Enhance your digital skills and learn about everything from staying safe on social media to online shopping.

Barclays Digital Wings

Start learning today.

Barclays Digital Wings helps boost your digital know-how. Find out how to stay safe online, learn how to navigate social media, discover how to make your business digital-friendly and much more.