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International tools and offers

Everything you need to take your business worldwide

Get free insights into local markets and save on costs with exclusive discounts. Plus, services designed to keep your business banking quick and easy.

How it can help your business

A currency account simplifies international payments. We offer accounts in most foreign currencies freely traded in London, and you don’t need a minimum balance.

Shipping with DHL

Get 60% off with DHL Express UK, to help you navigate international shipping and customs and make sure your shipments arrive safely and on time.

Prepared export documents

Save 25% when your export documents are professionally prepared by the experts at Acorn International, then manage them through its online self-service system.

Non-payment insurance

Get a 20% discount to help insure against the potential loss from non-paying trading partners with Coface, and access online reviews of potential partners.

How to apply

Barclays business account holders

If you have a business banking account with us, log in to Online Banking to visit the Barclays Business Abroad page.

Support to export from government

We’re supporting the Exporting is GREAT campaign by working together with the Department for International Trade to inspire and support UK businesses to sell overseas.

Help to export

Make your business visible to international customers, find the best online marketplaces or apply for live export opportunities.

Find buyers

Create a trade profile on great.gov.uk to help get your business promoted internationally and connect directly with overseas buyers.

Find export opportunities

Find live export opportunities worldwide and set alerts for when a company is looking for products and services like yours.

Department for International Trade

The Department for International Trade is an ideal starting point for businesses looking to export, whether it’s for the first time or to expand existing overseas sales. They have a range of useful tools and guidance.

Find an International Manager

Our team of International Managers covers the UK, providing businesses with expert support and guidance on trading overseas.

British Chambers of Commerce

We work with chambers in the UK and abroad so we can connect you with the right people to help make your business successful.

Other services that may interest you

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Guide to exporting

What you need to know about exporting

From reaching more customers to increasing your turnover, here are 10 reasons why exporting could benefit your business.

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Foreign currency account

What we can offer to you

Reduce your exposure to exchange-rate fluctuations and simplify international payments, whether you’re importing or exporting.

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International Business Payments

Send and receive international payments

Make quick and secure payments, whether you’re trading with the United States or United Arab Emirates.

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Preparing for change

Business planning for when the UK leaves the EU

While the full impact of Brexit may not yet be known, there are steps you can take to ready your business for the changes ahead.