Doing business abroad

We’ll help you expand overseas

Whether you’re importing or exporting, starting out or expanding further, we have the tools and services to help your business grow.

We’re with you every step of the way

Safety and security

We’ll help you feel safe and secure while trading abroad.

Knowledge and confidence

Our expert International Managers are there to support you at all times.

Tools and discounts

We have a range of valuable discounts to help you save money.

Take your business across the globe

Send and receive international payments

Make quick, secure and cost-effective international payments, whether you’re trading with the United States or United Arab Emirates.

Foreign currency account

What we can offer to you

Reduce your exposure to exchange-rate fluctuations and simplify international payments, whether you’re importing or exporting.

Everything you need to take your business worldwide

Get free insights into local markets and save on costs with exclusive discounts. Plus, tools and services designed to keep your business banking quick and easy.

FX powered by Barclays

Our real-time foreign-exchange-rate app

With FX powered by Barclays, you’ll get up-to-the-minute exchange rates for over 90 currencies.


Importing could help your business save costs, increase profit and gain a competitive advantage.

Make and receive secure payments around the world

A collection is a simple and efficient tool for settling your trade debts. It can be used to make payments of any size and in any freely traded currency.

A secure way to pay your suppliers

With a letter of credit, you can pay for the goods you import while covering your trading risks.

What you need to know about importing

From cost savings to competitive advantages, here are 5 reasons why importing could be a good idea.


Find ways to reach more customers and increase your turnover.

An easy way to collect payment for your exported goods

Stay in control of your goods once they’ve been dispatched – so you know you’ll get paid.

Get paid for exported goods while covering your trade risks

Get a guarantee of payment before you commit to sending goods.

What you need to know about exporting

From reaching more customers to increasing your turnover, here are 10 reasons why exporting could benefit your business.

Find an International Manager

Our team of International Managers covers the UK, providing businesses with expert support and guidance on trading overseas.

Department for International Trade

The Department for International Trade is an ideal starting point for businesses looking to export for the first time, bringing together a range of useful tools and guidance.