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Invoice finance

A fast way to free up funding for your business needs

Release cash tied up in your outstanding invoices. Whether it’s for this month, the next, or beyond, an invoice finance facility helps bring your cashflow forward. We’ve partnered with Kriya, industry experts and provider of invoice finance, to help you grow your business.

Smart, flexible funding

With a selective invoice finance facility, you can choose which invoices to fund, without having to commit to every outstanding invoice owed to your business.

Why use invoice finance?

Advance up to 90% of the value of your invoice

Win new business by offering competitive terms

Gain better control of customer relationships

What’s on offer?

No need to commit your whole sales ledger

Reduce admin with Kriya’s digital platform

Submit funding applications in minutes

Why we’ve partnered with Kriya

Kriya is passionate about helping power up small businesses. Established over 10 years ago, they’ve risen to become an industry leader funding nearly £3b of invoices for businesses of all sizes.

Whether your invoicing needs are large or small, short term or long, Kriya is ready to provide the boost your business needs to grow.

Choose monthly or annually

Choose between two options – whatever works best for your business.


A rolling monthly subscription is perfect for shorter term funding requirements, such as three to six months. Ideal for specific or seasonal needs.


A yearly subscription unlocks a discount on your monthly subscription fees. Ideal for ongoing support, whether that’s paying suppliers on time or long-term growth.

How Kriya has helped businesses

Maintaining customer relationships

Kriya helped this plumbing and heating company to pay their subcontractors on time, maintaining their reputation and delivering the high quality of work they’re known for. The company had payment terms of 30 days for their customers but had to pay subcontractors within 14 days. With a £100,000 Kriya invoice finance facility, they could bridge that gap.

Creating a bridge to stability

Increasing driver and fuel costs brought unforeseeable roadblocks for this logistics company and hurt its day-to-day business. Without a stable financial safety net, they were faced with uncertainty and some difficult decisions. With an invoice finance facility of £70,000, they could rest easy knowing that they’re prepared and are able to support their team, no matter what.

Opening up growth potential

For this wholesaler, offering longer payment terms for customers helped grow their customer base. With working capital funding a benefit for customers, as they expanded, those payment terms became very costly. Working with Kriya, they were able to arrange terms that bridged that funding gap. A finance facility let them unlock cash from their invoices and allowed the business to purchase plenty of inventory to sell.

Ready to apply now?

We want to make sure you get the best borrowing solution for your needs. 

Other borrowing solutions might be available that could be better suited to your circumstances. If you'd like to find out about possible alternatives, please call1 your Relationship Team or go to the homepage of your Barclays app2 and select ‘Call Us’ under the ‘Contact us’ section.


Submit an application by filling out a simple form, or speak directly to Kriya to find out more – someone will call you back within normal business hours (Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm) to answer your questions.

Check invoice finance is right for your business

  • Do you need funding in the next 60 days?
  •  Are the invoices you need to fund immediate and not overdue?
  • Are they from another business?
  • Are they valued at £10,000 at least each?

Ready to apply? Check your eligibility first

  • Do you have a limited company or LLP based in the UK or Ireland?
  • Do you have a minimum turnover of £100,000 a year or annualised income from the current trading year?

What you’ll need ready when you speak to our partner Kriya

  • Your company name and UK registration number 
  • The applying director’s date of birth and home address

Using key financial figures, Kriya will help maintain progress throughout your relationship with them, helping your business to grow.

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