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Invoice finance

Unlock cash tied up in your invoices

Unlock cash tied up in outstanding invoices to improve your cashflow, help you to seize new opportunities and run your business more efficiently – provided by our partner MarketFinance.

Invoice finance services

Types of invoice finance

Choose between flexible and ongoing funding to release the cash value of your invoices so you can reinvest in your business1.

Get up to 90% of your invoice value

Fund some or all of your invoices

Your funding could grow with your turnover

Keep control of your customer relationships

Could help your business grow

Quick and easy online access

Flexible funding

Choose which invoices to fund without having to commit your entire sales ledger. Selective Invoice Discounting could be right for your business if your cashflow needs are seasonal or you’re facing an occasional cashflow challenge. Offered by our partner MarketFinance.

Ongoing funding

Get a confidential whole-ledger invoice discounting service. Confidential Invoice Discounting could be right for your business if you would benefit from an ongoing boost to your cashflow, as your maximum credit limit is assessed against your eligible outstanding invoices. Offered by Barclays Corporate.

About MarketFinance

We know invoice finance gives you the fast funding your business needs. That’s why we’ve partnered with MarketFinance to give you access to flexible funding. With MarketFinance’s online platform, you can apply in minutes – and you could get the money within days. 

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How invoice finance works

Why we work with MarketFinance to offer flexible funding

We share a united mission with MarketFinance to empower businesses with innovative forms of finance that enable them to achieve their ambitions.

Invoice finance for construction

A construction firm needed fast access to working capital to fund wages and upfront costs for several new contracts, with fortnightly invoicing and 30-day terms. Following a three-way call with the company, its Barclays Relationship Manager and MarketFinance on Friday afternoon, the company was funding its first invoice before the end of the following week, with a £60k limit. 

Invoice finance for consultants

A consultancy firm used funding from MarketFinance to help it ride out a small revenue dip. A referral from Barclays resulted in access to a £350k facility within just four days. With no fixed-term contract and the flexibility to choose invoices to fund, the business used the facility as fuel to recover and grow its turnover.

How to apply

For flexible funding

Available to UK-registered business-to-business limited companies or LLPs

Minimum turnover of £250k p.a. or annualised income from the current year’s trading

Provided by our partner MarketFinance




Not sure which is right for your business?

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Call us2 on 0800 515 462 to see how we can help. Lines are open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

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