Business accounting and invoicing software

Free, with FreshBooks

A quick and easy way to manage your invoices and accounting, whether you’re starting out, growing or already have an established business. 

This business accounting and invoicing software - provided by FreshBooks - normally costs more than £260 per year, but we're giving it to all our business current account customers for free as standard. T&Cs apply.

Why use FreshBooks?

As a business owner, you’re always looking to save time and ensure accuracy when it comes to your bookkeeping and accounting software. 

That's why we've teamed up with FreshBooks to give you free access to their HMRC-approved, cloud-based software. This package is available free exclusively with our business current accounts, to make your digital tax submission and accounting easier.

Versatile as large or small business invoicing software, FreshBooks helps you create professional invoices with your company logo, quotes, proposals, and seamlessly processes online payments. It’s used by over 24 million people in over 120 countries.

Save time with simple invoicing and accounting

Balancing your books while running a business can be challenging. FreshBooks gives you the information and time you need to focus on the big picture – your business and clients.

Invoice sooner - get paid sooner

Mobile malware

Criminals sneak harmful software onto your mobile device. They hide it in apps and updates so you install it without realising. Once installed, the software can steal your personal details and passwords, then log in to your apps.

Get this free invoicing software and accounting package worth over £260 per year1 – just for you, when you bank with us

Save up to 550 hours a year on accounting and invoicing

Send an unlimited number of invoices to up to 50 clients – with the option to upgrade to a discounted FreshBooks Premium plan for unlimited clients

Enjoy less stress this tax season with easy access to ready-made financial reports that are Making Tax Digital compliant 

If you choose to integrate with Barclaycard’s payment solutions, this could help you get paid quicker and make payments easier. 

Here’s what else you’ll get

Simple invoicing and expenses

Create and track invoices and quotes to keep track of your client relationships, and help you stay in control.

Double-entry accounting

Use automatic checks and balances to ensure accuracy and compliance with accounting standards.

Easy access

Get access to the tools, reports, and information you need to prepare your books. You can access FreshBooks across all your devices.

Time tracking

Never miss another minute – log the hours you spend on clients and projects, and automatically put them onto an invoice.

Automated bank reconciliation

Connect your data with us to FreshBooks. After that, you can categorise your financial transactions, and integrate your payroll.

Convert quotes with one click

Impress customers with professional quotes, then convert them into invoices with a single click.

How to use FreshBooks free bookkeeping and invoicing software

Imagine saving 550 hours a year on your accounting. That’s 11 hours a week, you can spend with family, binging a new TV show, or just relaxing.

FreshBooks makes that possible. Just sign up, sign in, and get started on your first invoice. Add a client, your billables, and send it out. Clients get the invoice in their email, and can pay directly online, easy as that.

Or start tracking your expenses, add them from your bank, your computer, or on the go. From utility bills, to that last slice of pizza, and stay 100% up to date on your taxes.

Or run reports to see how your business is doing, you can track all the money you make, the taxes you owe, and even time spent on projects.

Plus, FreshBooks is MTD (Making Tax Digital) compliant, so you can easily file taxes to HMRC in just a few clicks.

It’s the reason over 24 million people, in 120 countries, have used FreshBooks. Because we are the accounting software built for owners.

Sign up to FreshBooks

Whether you’re new to FreshBooks or you already have a FreshBooks account, you can sign up2 straight away.

You’ll need to log in to Business Online Banking to finish signing up.

Accepting card payments with Barclaycard

You can make accepting payments easier with Barclaycard. You’ll also get peace of mind, knowing Barclaycard can handle large volumes of payment transactions, securely.

From desktops to portable card machines, e-commerce to telephone sales, there’s a payment solution for you3.

Invoice finance

Unlock cash tied up in your invoices.

A quick and easy way to improve cashflow so you can seize business opportunities – provided by us or our partner Kriya.

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Find new partners to help your business thrive. They offer payment services, pensions, insurance and funding for growth.