Sustainability for business

Switching to electric charging


£10 off public charging with Octopus Electroverse

Sign up to Octopus Electroverse and get £10 towards charging your electric vehicle. Use their app to find charge points, check their availability through live information and charge at over 420,000 locations across the UK and Europe. By signing up for this offer, you're agreeing to the T&Cs

Upcoming regulations

EV charging points required in all new builds

The UK government made it a legal requirement for all new builds in England to have EV sockets installed from 2022.

Commercial savings

Calculate your EV charging time and cost

Find out how much it would cost to charge an electric vehicle, plus how long it may take to charge.

EV Carshop’s calculator lets you enter your desired electric vehicle model, e-charger type and electricity cost to help you make an informed business decision.1

Calculate your public charging costs

Plan your public charging needs ahead of time with Zap Map’s charging calculator.

Enter your EV details and preferred charging speed for an estimate of the charging time and cost on the public network.

Get up to 75% off EV charging point setup

The UK government’s Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) offers eligible businesses a grant of up to 75% off the total costs of EV charge point purchase and installation.

The grant can be used for up to 40 sockets, with a maximum cost of £350 per socket.

Additional support and tools

Smoothing your transition to electric vehicles

Discover the finance options available for electric vehicle charging points.

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