Sustainability for business

Switching to electric vehicles (EVs)

Helping you take a greener journey

Transition to electric vehicles through preferential pricing at 8.10%1

Upcoming regulations

Phasing out petrol and diesel vehicles – upcoming

The UK government will stop the sale of new petrol and diesel cars and vans in the UK by 2030.

Zero emissions for cars and vans – upcoming

All new petrol and diesel cars and vans will be phased out by 2030 and by 2035, they’ll all be zero emission vehicles at the tailpipe.

Trucks and lorry sales – upcoming

The UK government will ban the sale of new petrol and diesel heavy goods vehicles from 2040 and smaller diesel trucks from 2035.

Commercial savings

You could eliminate or reduce your Congestion Zone costs

Certain vehicles may get free or discounted Congestion Zone charges when you apply with TFL.

Battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles may be eligible for the cleaner vehicle discount.2

Calculate your EV charging costs

Find out how much you could save switching to an EV.

Pod Point break down the potential charging costs between different electric vehicle models, charging points and electricity tariffs. This tool could help you learn more about how you might be able to save.

Capital allowances

Your business may be able to claim 100% of an electric vehicle’s purchase cost against that year’s pre-tax profits.

Get up to 75% off EV charging point setup

The UK government’s Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) offers eligible businesses a grant of up to 75% off the total costs of EV charge point purchase and installation.

The grant can be used for up to 40 sockets, with a maximum cost of £350 per socket.

You could pay no road tax with electric vehicles

Road tax, formally known as Vehicle Excise Duty (VED), is set at £0 for all 100% electric vehicles until at least 2025.

Additional support and tools

Work out your potential per-journey savings

Zap Map lets you discover how much the switch to an electric vehicle could save you.

Enter your current vehicle, journey distance and frequency, and your home electricity costs – then pick an electric vehicle model to compare it to.

Locate EV charging points across the UK

Zap Map’s live map shows the location and availability of electric vehicle charging points across the UK.

Plan your long-haul route or find a convenient local charging point.

A guide for those considering switching

Electrifying have partnered with the Department for Transport to create a beginner’s guide to electric vehicles.

It contains need-to-knows, savings tips and myth-busting information for drivers considering the switch to electric.

Keep up to date with UK government EV support

The Office for Zero Emissions webpage hosts the latest updates on electric vehicles in the UK – including helpful information on government grants and support.

How we help

Discover what finance options are available to you in transitioning to electric vehicles.

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