Sustainability for business

Switching to LED Lighting

Upcoming regulations

The switch to more energy-efficient lighting – upcoming

The UK government will stop the sale of fluorescent lightbulbs from September 2023. They expect the switch to LED lighting to prevent 1.26 million tonnes of CO2 emissions annually and save consumers £75 each per year.

The move builds on September 2021’s ban on the sale of most halogen lightbulbs.

Commercial savings

Calculate your LED switch savings

Enter your current bulb type, number of bulbs and hours of use per day to see how much you might save by switching to LED lighting.1

Lightbulb comparison guide

Find out why the UK is making the switch to LED lighting.

The Lightbulb Company compare various bulbs across numerous categories, so you can consider which one would be right for your business.

Identify potential upgrades and savings opportunities

Carbon Trust’s Lighting Business Case Tool uses return-on-investment analysis to pinpoint technology upgrades and estimate how much they’d save your business.

This particular tool is focused on upgrading to more energy efficient light fittings.

Additional support and tools

Get help switching

Discover the finance options we offer to support your switch from fluorescent lightbulbs to LED lighting.

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