International trade support

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Find out about the dedicated support, expert advice and banking services that could help make your business an international success.

Making exports simpler

There are many stages companies go through as they develop an export business, and our aim is to support you every step of the way.

So whether you’re a novice at exporting or a seasoned international trader, here’s some of the ways we can help you to thrive and seize new opportunities.

Initial aspirations

When you start thinking about doing business internationally, we’ll introduce you to an international manager, who’ll review your business.

The aim is to help ensure your business is positioned for international success. We’ll put you in touch with relevant organisations such as the Department for International Trade (DIT) and the British Chambers of Commerce, and make sure you’ve thought about everything you need to and you’re clear on your next steps.

At this stage, we’ll also discuss appropriate banking solutions, which could include tools and exclusive discounts offered within the Barclays Business Abroad section of our website, currency accounts, payment terms, and different channels for making and receiving international payments. You can then go into negotiations with a greater level of knowledge – and confidence.

The first year

After your initial review, your international manager will check on your progress after 3 months, and then again after 12 months. They’ll also make sure that your banking arrangements still help you to maximise your international trade, by reviewing your cashflow needs, for example.

You can, of course, contact your international manager for support at any time. We answer many day-to-day queries from smaller exporters via our web chat service, while phone and face-to-face support is also available.

We also run international clinics, in partnership with DIT, which offer an introduction to doing business internationally, as well as help for existing exporters looking to reach into new markets.

Expanding horizons

Once you’ve been successfully exporting for a while, you might be keen to expand to new markets. At this stage, your international manager can provide supporting materials and more advice, and help you with introductions to the relevant markets.

This is also a time when we will typically review what the new expansions might mean for your currency and payment needs, and look into how we can help you manage these. And if you begin to trade outside of Europe, there is a greater likelihood of you being introduced to new terminology and different requests in your trading negotiations.

Maximising success

When you’ve become a well-established international trader, you might find you need additional, in-depth support. We have specialists in foreign exchange and trade who operate across the UK, providing more specific and extensive support that’s tailored to your needs.

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