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Make the right connection

Specialist support for the creative industry – from video games to virtual reality

Whether you’re just starting out or long-established and looking to expand, we can give you the expert support that’s specific to the creative industry. 

Financial support to help you stay ahead

We’ve been supporting creative industries since 1986 and our deep understanding of your needs is why we offer financial solutions that are as flexible as you are.

Specialist teams for unique challenges

Whatever your creative industry – TV and film production, theatre, music, video game development, publishing, digital marketing or advertising – we know how to help you make the most of the opportunities it presents with our network of industry-aligned experts.

From delivering regional insights and in-depth information about the creative industry, to advising on innovative mobile services, and the latest payment and security technologies – we’re here to empower your business and help you thrive during changing times. 

Funding tailored to your business

Businesses of all kinds play an important part in the UK economy, but that variety means there’s no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to funding. That’s why our financial solutions not only cover the day-to-day, but also the specific needs of your industry – and your particular business. 

So whether it’s a short term cashflow challenge, invoice finance from our partner Market Invoice or a loan aligned with the longer payment terms of a typical streaming-video contract, we’re on hand to help. 

It’s not always what you know

It’s who you know – and getting the right advice at the right time can be crucial for any business. Our expertise goes beyond technology, media and telecommunications, but we can also connect you to specialist teams across a wide range of other industries to help your business both in the UK and abroad.

We also provide specific support for businesses seeking equity solutions, and offer products that challenge the status quo – like our TV loans and tax credits, and our Netflix fund.

How we’ve helped businesses like yours

Award-winning TV production company ZigZag started small, but it had big ambitions – and it wasn’t long before it needed larger premises to accommodate its team.

Since taking advantage of a Barclays commercial mortgage to fund its expansion, ZigZag hasn’t looked back and has produced more than 700 hours of programming across its 20-year history, from offices in London and New York.

Read more about ZigZag’s journey and how Barclays helped along the way.

Indie TV stars

Opportunities open up for UK TV producers

Our latest industry report looks at the evolving and growing TV production sector and the exciting openings it offers UK programme-makers.

Games and Esports

Opportunities for UK games developers

Our latest industry report explores the evolving and growing games sector and the exciting openings it offers. 

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Business Banking

More than just a bank account

Our business bank accounts are designed to simplify everyday banking and make managing your money easier, with our business banking experts on hand to help, too.

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Invoice finance

Unlock cash tied up in your invoices

Unlock cash tied up in outstanding invoices to improve your cashflow, help you to seize new opportunities and run your business more efficiently – provided by our partner MarketFinance.

 A cow with a yellow tag on its ear standing inside a barn looks at the camera

Antimatter games

Why a growth plan is essential in the games industry

Independent games studio AntiMatter Games reveals how it successfully made the journey from small indie player to regional big-hitter.

 A cow with a yellow tag on its ear standing inside a barn looks at the camera

Taking off in style

How a start-up games studio won the support of a global player

UK developer Silver Rain Games outlines the progressive approach behind its success in an evolving and exciting sector.