Clients Premium Account

Manage your clients’ money with ease

A convenient savings account that makes managing your clients’ money even simpler. 

Important information before you apply

To see if you’re eligible for a Clients Premium Account, we’ll need some information about your business, client types and the Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering processes you use. Please gather this information before you start the questionnaire.

If you’ve already spoken to us about a Clients Premium Account, please fill in the questionnaire below.

If you haven’t spoken to us yet, please get in touch before you start your application, otherwise we won’t be able to consider it.

Read more about Clients Premium Accounts.

How to apply

1. Please select and fill in the right questionnaire for your business type.

CPA Eligibility form [PDF, 1,738KB]

2. At the end of the questionnaire, please select 'Submit' and we’ll prefill an email for you to send over to us.

What if I don’t see the prefilled email?

If the prefilled email doesn’t appear, please send your completed questionnaire to

If we approve your application, we’ll then write to you to confirm when the account is opened and provide your account details.