Manage your business

Expertise to help grow your business

Learn how to protect your business, change company documents, reactivate accounts and more.

Protect your business

A man using laptop in server room

Protect your business from fraud

Learn how fraudsters can target your business

Stay alert to these types of scams  

  • Invoice fraud – scammers send fake invoices that look like they’re from suppliers
  • Impersonation scams – such as scam calls and CEO fraud
  • Purchase scams – fraudsters trick you into buying something that doesn’t exist  

Read more about the different types of fraud and how to protect your business against them. We’ve also put together some fraud resources to help you stay safe from scams.

Make changes to your business

Business mandate change

Change your account signatories

Add or remove someone from your business account, or change what your signatories can do. To make any changes, you need to be an authorised official on the account.

Dormant and lost accounts

Reactivate a lost or dormant account

Lost accounts are sometimes referred to as 'dormant accounts', as they’ve been inactive for some time.

Contact us if you think your account might be dormant or believe you might be entitled to an account held in another name. For more information, see “How do I get my money back?” further down the page.

If you’ve got a dormant or lost personal account, visit our page for personal accounts instead.

Business insights

Information and advice to help your business going forward

We’ve put together a wide range of knowledge and insight for you – read up on plans, financial support, media and marketing and much more.

We can help you make better business decisions

 Banking customer checks their balance on their iPad

SmartBusiness Dashboard

Your business – at a glance

See your most important business and banking information, all in one place – free with the all-new SmartBusiness Dashboard.

We can help you make better business decisions

See insights about your local community, a region – or all of the UK – that could help your business grow.

Other services that may interest you

A customer enters their card pin on a shop card reader

Barclaycard Payments

Discover our range of payment products

Choose the payment device that’s right for your business – from our bestselling card reader to Smartpay Touch, our all-in-one point of sale solution.

The approval of your application depends on your financial circumstances and borrowing history. T&Cs apply.

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Borrowing for all businesses

You know your business, we know how to help

We've got the borrowing options you need to succeed, whether you’re just starting out or planning to expand.

Mobile phone

Invoicing and accounting software

A quick and easy way to manage your invoices and accounting, whether your business is starting out, growing or has been around for a while. The software – provided by FreshBooks – normally costs £228 per year, but is free for our Business Current Account customers. T&Cs apply.