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When you select ‘I agree’, we’ll take you to Simply Business’s website to complete your application.

You’ll be asked a few questions about your business before getting a personalised quote from their panel of insurers.

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Simply Business, Barclays and the insurers will only use your information for this application or as permitted by law. We’ll always keep your information confidential. Simply Business will share information about your application with us so we can make sure the referral fee is correct.

If you’re logged into your Barclays account, we will also share information with Simply Business to make the application process easier for you. You’ll find information on how we keep your personal data safe.

We‘ll also use this information to show you personalised offers if you’ve allowed this in your marketing preferences.

Important documents

Before you continue to the Simply Business website, you’ll need to read the document below – it includes important information about how we receive remuneration, our regulatory status, how we use your personal information, details about the Financial Services Compensation Scheme and our complaints procedure.

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Selecting ‘I agree’ means you’re agreeing to the information above and you’ll be taken to the Simply Business website to continue your application.