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Agricultural overdraft

Flexible options for short-term finance

Apply for an agricultural overdraft to help you manage changes to your cashflow.

Product level (£1,000-£25,000) rep EAR 9.90%

on unsecured overdrafts of


Lowest customer margin available from 4.63% over Bank of England base rate for unsecured overdrafts up to £25,000.

We can arrange secured overdrafts of more than £25,000 specifically for agricultural businesses. Talk to our team of dedicated Agriculture Managers about personalised rates.

Overdraft rates

Business bands

£1,000 – £5,000

£5,001 – £10,000

£10,001 – £15,000

£15,001 – £20,000

£20,001 – £25,000 

Representative customer margin
(excludes Bank of England Base Rate)






Representative EAR* (variable)






Overdraft fees

From £95 up to £250

From £195 up to £295

From £225 up to £295

From 1.6% up to 2.5% of the limits

From 1.6% up to 2.5% of the limits

* EAR means Effective Annual Rate. We provide it to let you to make comparisons against other overdraft products. To calculate the EAR, we take both your interest rate margin and the current Bank of England Base Rate, which you are charged on your overdraft, and compound it every month over a year. The EAR does not include any fees or charges that apply to your overdraft. It also does not take account of any future Bank of England Base Rate changes. There may be an overdraft fee applied to cover the cost of providing it.

* Rep EAR – representative Effective Annual Rate (representative EAR) is the advertised rate (or a lower rate) we reasonably expect at least 51% of customers who are accepted for and enter into the overdraft agreement as a result of the advertising or marketing will get. The rep EAR does not include any future Bank of England Base Rate changes.

Interest will accrue daily and be applied to the borrower’s business current account in arrears on a monthly basis.

Key features and benefits

If you need convenient access to short-term borrowing fast, then an agricultural overdraft could be right for you1,2.

Flexible borrowing

You can apply to increase or decrease your overdraft limit as your business needs change.

Get cashflow support

Pay for stock and other costs without waiting for your sales income.

Minimise borrowing costs

Only pay interest on overdrawn balances, which you can repay any time.


You can get a quote to see if you’re eligible for an agricultural overdraft without affecting your – or your business partner’s – credit rating.

You can get a quote if your agricultural business is a sole trader, partnership, limited company, charity, club or association.

What you need to know

  • You can increase or decrease your overdraft limit as your circumstances change
  • You only pay interest on overdrawn balances, which you can repay at any time
  • We calculate interest on daily overdrawn balances, at an agreed margin over the Bank of England base rate
  • We’ll debit fees and interest from your current account on our usual charging dates (available on request), either monthly or quarterly, in line with your current account tariff
  • Overdrafts are repayable on demand and typically reviewed annually
  • Overdrafts are subject to application and status

Ready to apply or want to find out more?

To find out more, or if you want to apply for an agricultural overdraft, speak to our team of dedicated Agriculture Managers.

Don't bank with us yet?

Call us on 0800 515 462. Lines are open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm3.

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