No cash? No problem

Accept card payments and donations with a Barclaycard card reader

Taking payments and donations is easy and secure with the Barclaycard Flex card reader. Apply by 31 December 2021 and you could enjoy 12 months with no rental or cancellation fees1. Call 0808 296 79942 for a free quote.

Flexible ways to donate and pay

Make it easier for people to donate and pay by offering them a choice of payment methods. You’ll be able to accept all major payment types over the phone, by mail order, or face to face using chip and PIN or contactless.

Mobile trading made easy

Lightweight and easy to carry, the Barclaycard Flex is a convenient way to take payments and donations wherever you are.  

Take up to 700 sales a day on full charge using Bluetooth, GPRS, Wi-Fi and mobile data networks.

Keep your costs low

You’ll only be charged a small percentage of the money taken through the card reader.

With our range of pricing plans, you can choose the best plan for you.

Ready to take card payments?

How to apply for a card reader

Speak to one of our experts and get the card reader that’s right for you. Call 0808 296 79942 to apply or chat about your options.