SmartBusiness Insights

Make better informed decisions with SmartBusiness Insights

You know your business – we know how people are spending. Bring that knowledge together with SmartBusiness Insights to enrich your business planning and marketing strategy.

Business reporting powered by our rich data

SmartBusiness Insights uses our wealth of information about our customers and their spending habits to give you fresh insight into your industry and your business.

Insights about industry performance

See the spending distribution for your industry and compare your sales anonymously with the sale patterns in your geographical area or industry.

Assess your market’s financial potential

Learn more about where you do business

Research locations for future expansion

Insights into customer spending

Demographic breakdowns show you what products sell well across different groups – as well as how much these groups are spending.

Identify sales patterns and market trends

Discover new marketing opportunities

Focus on your most profitable customer groups

Start today with free insights for your business

Get a high-level financial overview and a detailed spending review for your business.

Money-in and out for the last 24 months

Highlight areas for potential cost savings

Compare your business against others


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Know your market in more detail

Deeper insights for any industry and region you choose – including your own.

Once you’ve tried SmartBusiness Insights for free, explore its range of additional in-depth insights that tell you much more about your market and your business.

Powered by the millions of Barclays card transactions we handle each year, these distil complex data into clear charts to highlight trends, and concise explanations that interpret the facts and figures. Where graphics don’t show exact figures or values, our insights will show you comparisons and trends to help you make informed decisions.

You can buy insights for industries and geographical regions in England, Scotland and Wales based on Barclays debit and credit card transactions from 2017 to 2018.

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What you need to know


Who can use SmartBusiness Insights?

SmartBusiness Insights is available for you and your business account if

You’re a Barclays UK customer registered for Business Online Banking

You’re trading in England, Scotland or Wales

Your banking details are up-to-date

Your business is operating in a simple mandate

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