SmartBusiness Insights

The smart way to run your business

See your revenue and spending at a glance, and compare your performance to businesses like yours – all within Online Banking

What you get with Insights

SmartBusiness Insights is a new way to manage your business. It gives you a clear breakdown of your revenue and spending, and lets you compare your performance to businesses like yours.


See money coming in and going out over the past week, quarter or year. Discover how your performance measures up to similar businesses where you are, too.


Highlight key trends to discover new opportunities and ways to reduce costs. Use card transactions to gain insight into customer behaviour and demographics.


Make more-informed decisions about your finances, identify ways to make payments more efficient and target new markets to help grow your business.

Free to use

SmartBusiness Insights is free to use for now if you’re registered for Business Online Banking and meet our other eligibility requirements.

See SmartBusiness Insights in action

Who can use SmartBusiness Insights?

SmartBusiness Insights is free to use for now, but you need to meet the following requirements to get it.

  • Your annual turnover is under £6.5m
  • There’s only one business linked to your account
  • You’re trading in England, Scotland or Wales
  • Your account has only one authorised signatory
  • You’re registered for Business Online Banking
  • Your details are up to date


Get started with SmartBusiness Insights

I’m new to Barclays Business

You need a Barclays business account before you can use SmartBusiness Insights. Don’t have one? Apply for one today.

I have a Barclays business account

If you already have a Barclays business account, SmartBusiness Insights is free to use for now.

What you need to know

  • How much does SmartBusiness Insights cost?

    We’re still working on SmartBusiness Insights and we need your feedback, so it’s free to use for now. Don’t worry, we’ll give you plenty of notice if we decide to introduce a charge for Insights in the future.

  • Can I cancel my subscription after signing up?

  • How does SmartBusiness Insights tell me about my customers?

  • Can I use Insights if I have more than one Barclaycard terminal?

  • How can I find out more about Insights?

  • Where can I get technical support?