Payment limits

There's a maximum limit for payments in Online Banking but this can vary.

There's also a total limit for all payments made within a single day.

For Personal customers the overall daily payment limit to third parties is £50,000, for Premier and Business it’s £100,000. 

Your daily limit will include immediate transfers and any bill payments, future-dated payments and standing orders set up on that day. So if you set up a bill payment, standing order and future-dated payment today, either to leave today or in the future, the amount will be taken off your limit for today. Direct Debits are not included in your total.

The Online Banking helpdesk cannot make payments on your behalf.

To make payments over the limit, call Telephone Banking if you're registered for the service, your Premier Banking team or contact your branch.

How long do payments take to be made in Online Banking?

  • Payments to Barclaycard: These arrive on the same day but your payment will take a working day to show on your statement
  • Payments to non-Barclays accounts: Where possible, payments to other banks arrive on the same day with the Faster Payments Service but some payments will take longer. Faster payments
  • Payments to other Barclays accounts: These are normally made immediately. However, on occasion payments are delayed to allow us to carry out some extra checks in order to help us protect your account from potentially fraudulent activity