Was I mis-sold PBP?

PBP was only available to UK residents and you may have been affected if

  • You felt pressured to buy it (for example, you may have felt that the salesperson was being too pushy or wouldn’t take no for an answer)
  • You tried to activate the plan and experienced difficulties that prevented you from doing so (for example, if you were self-employed, the extent of the documentation required to activate PBP wasn’t made clear to you)
  • One of the activation events happened to you but you didn’t attempt to activate your plan
  • You had experienced financial difficulties and were supported by Barclays Financial Assistance (formerly known as Collections) and weren’t reminded of PBP

  • It wasn’t clear to you
    • That the PBP charge was considered a purchase transaction and you may have incurred interest on it if your credit card balance wasn’t paid in full
    • That you couldn’t use your credit card once your PBP was activated
    • What would’ve happened to you if you entered into financial difficulties, as we may have been able to come to an individual or specific arrangement with you if you didn’t have PBP

This list isn’t exhaustive – if you feel you have another reason to complain, or if you’re not sure, please contact us.