Barclays Entrepreneur Awards

Thank you to everyone who entered Barclays Entrepreneur Awards 2023. We received hundreds of nominations from businesses who consistently support communities and the wider economy. We’re pleased to announce the outstanding winners, who continue to disrupt the status quo and drive innovation.

2023 winners

  • Start-up Award, sponsored by FreshBooks – Microplate DX
  • Scale-up Award, sponsored by Propel – iCare24 Group
  • Social Award, sponsored by Visa – Nemi Teas
  • Sustainability Award, sponsored by Smart Pension - Zedify
  • International Expansion Award, sponsored by Barclays - OnePlan
  • Eagles Lab Innovation Award, sponsored by Eagle Labs – RAB-Microfluidics
  • Games Award, sponsored by Barclays Games & Creative Team - GameMaker
  • Barclaycard Payments Award, sponsored by Barclaycard Payments – Sports Feet Ltd
  • Outstanding Contribution Award, sponsored by Barclays Private Bank - Erika Brodnock MBE
  • People’s Choice Award, sponsored by Visa – Wharf Street Strategies

Thank you so much to Barclays for inviting me along tonight.
my name's Sara Davies, and I am delighted to have been invited to come along tonight and host the Barclays Entrepreneur Awards.
Let's get him up and give him a warm welcome.
This is Timo.
Entrepreneurship is a personal pursuit disguised as a business pursuit.
So what he's saying is, like, you're going to learn so much about yourself as an individual.
You're going to learn so much about how you engage with other people.
And it is the greatest journey for you to go that you should really embrace that and not just see it as a means to an end, actually embrace the journey itself I say to all the fabulous entrepreneurs in the room Whether or not you win an award, you’re already a winner.
So, a big round of applause to all of you.
The bit that we've all been waiting for.
The awards.
But I think our impact that we are wanting to make on the society is what we are hoping with this award that we can get through that.
Really quite an honor.
I did not expect it.
The other nominees and exceptional talent and the work they're doing has been very inspirational.
A privilege for us and for the for the team to go back and say, hey, you know, we've been really recognized for all the great work that we've been doing.
Hopefully that will move us on to bigger and greater things.
You can't underestimate, you know, the importance of the recognition.
This is an award for our community, our community runners and our friends from the shop because they really, really mean a lot to us.
It kind of gives you that confidence that you are heading in the right direction.
I seek to create change and to support people.
I think if you're not in it, you can't win it.
Go for it.

About the awards

Our awards highlight and recognise entrepreneurs from the UK who are changing their industries, the economy and society in original and positive ways.

We champion innovative business ideas and our awards provide the perfect platform to celebrate some of the UK’s most successful home-grown ventures.

The benefits of being involved:
  • Increase your network – get access to a community of business leaders, experts and other like-minded entrepreneurs
  • Be inspired – hear first-hand how others are leading the way and learn from their stories
  • Get recognition – for you and your business for game-changing contributions to business, industry or society
  • Boost your profile – create buzz for your business on a national scale.

How it works

Nominations are now closed. We’ll be back in 2024 – get ready to enter next year.

Award categories

Start-up Award, sponsored by FreshBooks – for new businesses that are challenging the status quo

Sustainability Award, sponsored by Smart Pension – for the positive impact of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) based entrepreneurs on the wider economy

Barclaycard Payments Award, sponsored by Barclays Payments – for entrepreneurs and businesses that have overcome a significant challenge or had big business growth

Scale-up Award, sponsored by Propel – for established entrepreneurs who’ve experienced rapid growth

International Expansion Award, sponsored by Barclays – for high-growth businesses growing beyond the UK at pace

Games Award, sponsored by Barclays – for entrepreneurs and disruptive games companies who have shown real innovation and created games, products or services that have positively impacted the games industry or community

Social Award, sponsored by Visa – for entrepreneurs delivering transformative social or environmental change

Eagle Labs Innovation Award, sponsored by Eagle Labs – for entrepreneurs making an impact through digital innovation

People’s Choice Award

The People's Choice Award, sponsored by Visa, is for the shortlisted business with the highest number of valid votes by the closing date. T&Cs apply1.

Outstanding Contribution Award

The Outstanding Contribution Award, sponsored by Barclays Private Bank, recognises an individual who’s had a profound impact on the entrepreneurial ecosystem, shaping and influencing the profile and importance of entrepreneurs for the UK and beyond. T&Cs apply.

The Outstanding Contribution Award is not included as part of the nominations portal and, therefore, cannot be nominated for. The winner will be decided by a Barclays judging panel, including representatives from Barclays Private Bank.

Hall of Fame

Take a look at everyone who’s been presented with one of our National Entrepreneur Awards.