Barclays Entrepreneur Awards

We’re celebrating entrepreneurs for their exceptional innovation, and for creating social change and growth that’s moving the UK forward. 

Nominations for 2021 are now closed.

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Reggie: Good evening, everyone, my name is Reggie Yates, and I'm delighted to be here.

I'm your host of tonight's Barclays Entrepreneur Awards and we have an amazing evening ahead.

And most importantly, we'll be announcing who has won one of these.

Niall Gray: We got a lot going on here.

John, look at the set up! Shoes off. Pineapple shorts on. Lemon Shirt on.

Jacket though, smarten up a little bit, I like that and it looks like a health and safety disaster just waiting to happen, doesn't it?

Katherine Morgan: Each year we make an award to recognise individuals who've made an outstanding contribution to U.K. Entrepreneurship.

I'm delighted to announce the 2021 winner as Brent Hoberman CBE.

Brent Hoberman: It's wonderful to get the acknowledgement and for something that we just love doing.

I feel very lucky to have that as a job.

I'm very lucky to have been honoured in this way by Barclays, so thank you.

Jaco van Gass: So tonight I want to encourage you to set yourselves a target.

What is your Everest? What is the pinnacle of the world you want to achieve?

Know that it's going to be hard.

Sometimes you're going to have to take a few steps back to make a giant leap forward, but know that that's OK.

Reggie: And they are with us now and on the screen, congratulations.

T.H.Burroughs: Thank you!

Reggie: Amazing.

Changes UK: I can't believe I've won to be honest, even to be selected.

Harry Destecroiz: It's an honour and a privilege and I just wanted to thank all of my team.

Reggie: How are we doing?

Itch: Yeah... at Doncaster train station, so living the dream.

Reggie: I don't know if ChickenGuard can hear us, but what I will say is congratulations to you.

ChickenGuard: Yeah I can hear you.

Reggie: You can hear me, thank goodness.

Itch: Hang on, let me get a selfie Reggie, one sec.

Reggie: How are you going to be celebrating?

T.H.Burroughs: Oh, we're gonna have a drink or two.

T.H.Burroughs: A drink or two, definitely.

Yoello: We've won so I think we'll crack some beers open.

BeoBia: It's bar night here so we can get unlimited free beer. So it's all good.

Reggie: Massive thanks to everyone at home for joining us.

And thank you very much to all of our presenters, judges and our sponsors,

Jaco Van Gass, and of course Niall Gray. Thank you Niall.

Thank you very much, everyone, for joining us. Have a great evening. Goodnight.

2021 winners

  • Start-Up Entrepreneur of the Year, sponsored by Barclays – Hertility Health
  • Scale-Up Entrepreneur of the Year, sponsored by Propel – Itch
  • Social Entrepreneur of the Year, sponsored by Smart Pension – Changes UK CIC
  • International Expansion of the Year, sponsored by Nimbla - ChickenGuard
  • Icon of the Year Award, sponsored by MarketFinance – Harry Destecroix
  • Eagle Labs Innovation Award – Yoello
  • Barclaycard Next Level Award – T.H.Burroughs Family Butchers
  • Rise FinTech Company of the Year – CreditEnable Ltd
  • Outstanding Contribution to UK Entrepreneurship – Brent Hoberman CBE
  • People’s Choice Award – BeoBia Ltd

About the awards

Our awards highlight and recognise entrepreneurs from the UK who are changing their industries, the economy and society in unique, original and positive ways.

We thrive on championing business ideas and our awards – now in their sixth year – provide the perfect platform to celebrate some of the UK’s most successful home-grown ventures.

Benefits of being involved
  • Increase your network – get access to a community of business leaders, experts and other like-minded entrepreneurs
  • Be inspired – hear first-hand how others are leading the way, and learn from their stories
  • Get recognition – for you and your business for game-changing contributions to business, industry or society
  • Boost your profile – create buzz for your business on a national scale

How it works

The programme runs from June to October, and we select winners from eight regions across the UK for these five categories

  • Start-up Entrepreneur of the Year, sponsored by us – for new businesses that are challenging the status quo
  • Scale-up Entrepreneur of the Year, sponsored by Propel – for established entrepreneurs who’ve experienced rapid growth
  • Social Entrepreneur of the Year, sponsored by Smart Pension – for entrepreneurs delivering transformative social or environmental change
  • Icon of the Year, sponsored by MarketFinance – for prominent entrepreneurs leading the way for existing and future entrepreneurs
  • International Expansion of the Year, sponsored by Nimbla – for high-growth businesses growing beyond the UK at pace 

Partnership awards

  • Eagle Labs Innovation Award – for lab residents making an impact through digital innovation
  • Rise FinTech Award – for businesses building the future of financial services
  • Barclaycard Next Level Award – for entrepreneurs and businesses that have overcome a significant challenge or had big business growth

The regional winners will be invited to attend the National Awards ceremony in October, where the national winner of each category will be announced.

Nominations for the Entrepreneur Awards 2021 are now closed.

Winner updates

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Hall of Fame

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