If I link an account from another bank, what account information will Barclays receive and how will I know what information I’m sharing?

We’ll show you the following:

  • Account balances
  • Information specific to the type of account, like your sort code and account number, card details, the account type and its name
  • Your recent transactions – this is usually the last two years, but might differ between providers.

We handle any account information you choose to share with us from another bank or provider in the same way we store your existing Barclays information.

If there are other accounts holders on any of the accounts you share with us, you’ll need to let them know how we’ll use their information.

We’ll store the information you share with us for up to ten years, in accordance with our privacy policy. For more information, open your app, tap ‘More’, then ‘Settings’ and ‘Data and privacy controls’.