Adding non-Barclays accounts to the Barclays app

From 15 April, you’ll no longer be able to manage non-Barclays accounts in our app.

Take a look at our FAQs and our updated terms and conditions for more details.

At the moment, you can add the following types of account to our app:

  • Current accounts (including loan-linked and mortgage-linked current accounts)
  • Instant-access savings accounts
  • Credit card accounts (including charge cards) and pre-paid cards
  • E-wallet accounts.

Here’s the list of available providers.

At the moment, it’s not possible to link mortgages, loans, investments or fixed-term savings accounts to your app.

We’ll never ask you for your log-in details for other accounts.

Adding a Santander savings account

You might experience a problem when linking a Santander savings account to your app. We’re sorry about this. If you’ve tried to add the account as part of a group of accounts, please try removing the Santander savings account from the group and try again.