I don’t know what this transaction is

If you think a transaction is fraudulent

Report a fraudulent transaction by calling the number on the back of your Barclays card, or by using ‘Direct call’ from the ‘Help’ section of your app.

Is this an online payment, Direct Debit or standing order?

Is the transaction you have a problem with is a payment to someone else made in Online Banking or using your Barclays app, or a Direct Debit or standing order (such as a regular bill payment)? Then call the telephone number on the back of your Barclays card, or select ‘Direct call’ from the ‘Help’ section of your app.

I don’t recognise this payment

We’re here to help if you don’t recognise a payment. First, check if it could be for any of these reasons

  • The retailer you paid trades under a different name
  • Another account holder made the payment
  • It’s a recurring transaction (not a Direct Debit or standing order) that you agreed to in an app or for an online service, or which started after a free trial finished
  • You paid someone else and put the wrong details in. You can check the bank it went to by using the sort code from the payment details and contact them for help
  • It’s an international payment, and the amount you paid is different from what you expected because of changes in the exchange rate
  • The payment is genuine, but the amount is wrong. You’ll need to contact the retailer or person you paid to put this right
  • It’s a ‘pending’ transaction (it’s still being processed). We can’t help while they’re pending, so wait for this to go through first, and get in touch if it’s still not right

Still don’t recognise the payment?

If you’re still not sure what the payment is, you can contact our fraud team by selecting ‘Direct call’ in the 'Help' section of your app.

I know what the debit card payment is, but there’s a problem

Talk to the company you paid first – if they can’t or won’t put right, then contact us.

First, make a note of the

  • Retailer or company name
  • Transaction date
  • Transaction amount.

Then you can report a problem using either the Barclays app or Online Banking.

The Barclays app

  1. Log into the Barclays app and tap the transaction you need help with
  2. Then tap ‘Don’t recognise this’
  3. Now select the FAQ titled ‘I know what this debit card transaction is, but there’s a problem’ and tap ‘Report a problem’