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We’ve teamed up with Legal & General to help take care of you or your family financially if you become terminally ill or die.

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Did you know?

It can cost as little as £6 a month to take out a Barclays Simple Life Insurance policy. And if you have a current account and switched on Barclays Blue Rewards, you’ll receive £1.50 cashback each month for the first year of your policy1. It’s our way of saying thank you for banking with us.

Why get life insurance?

Make their lives a little easier

Life insurance can help you make life a little easier for the people you leave behind. They’ll have the reassurance that they could stay in the home they love, pay any debts or expenses and carry on their everyday lives.

Protect your family’s future

Insuring your life means you can still be a part of your family’s future – even if you’re not here. Whether it’s paying for university or paying off the mortgage, you can still support them if you die.

Affordable payments

You’re in control of how much cover you want and our policies start from just £6 a month to enable you to protect those closest to you if you die. That’s less than a trip to the cinema and it could help them cope financially and provide security in a future without you.

Four reasons to choose our life insurance

It’s simple and straightforward

We designed our Barclays Simple Life Insurance to be just that – simple. And you don’t have to just take our word for it – it’s the first financial product to be certified ‘simple’ by the independent British Standards Institution.

Choice of cover length

You choose how long you want to be covered – between 5-50 years (it must finish before your 90th birthday).

Terminal illness included

Your policy includes Terminal Illness Benefit at no extra cost, which means the full amount will be paid if you’re diagnosed with a terminal condition.

You’re in safe hands

Our partner, Legal & General, paid out 97% of life insurance claims in 2018.

How it works

Step 1: Quick quote

Answer four questions to get an initial price – you can adjust the cover amount, monthly cost or duration until you get the level of cover that meets your needs.

Step 2: Application

We’ll ask you for details about yourself so we can complete your application.

Step 3: Decision and buy

You’ll get a decision along with your final monthly price (in most cases, it’s immediate). If you’re happy, you can buy it.

What’s covered

Death: You’ll be covered if you die before the end of your policy

Terminal illness: If you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness and you’re expected to die within 12 months, the policy will pay out at no extra cost. We’ll need verification from your hospital and medical team

What’s not covered

Incorrect information: If you don’t answer our questions honestly and in full before your policy starts, we won’t pay out

Suicide: If, within the first year of the policy, you die and your death is caused by suicide or intentional and serious self-injury, you won’t be covered

It’s important you understand exactly what is and isn’t covered by life insurance. The examples we’ve shown above are only intended as a guide – full details are in the policy document[PDF, 246KB]

Get your quote in minutes

Have you got a mortgage?

Barclays Simple Life Insurance can help you to cover your remaining mortgage, but our Life Insurance for Mortgage Holders allows you to apply for a joint policy, choose a decreasing-term policy or add Critical Illness Cover. You’ll also get a one-time lump sum to pay your outstanding mortgage if a successful claim is made. Our mortgage advisers can help you understand your options and help you work out the best policy for your needs.

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