Real home-renovation stories

Renovators take us on a tour of their homes

Wanting to move or improve your home and looking for a bit of inspiration? We asked homeowners to share their renovation stories and some easy-to-steal decorating tips.

Using bold patterns

Need to cover up some peeling paint or tired wallpaper? Don’t be afraid to pile on the pattern like Leeds-based Katie who turned a ‘peach palace’ into a hip family home. Find out how she did it, and see more of her renovation at comedowntothewoods.com.

Contemporary style

Looking for a colour scheme that works in a small space? Keep it simple and highlight the details, says stylist Katy. Discover how she transformed a tiny terraced home and see more of her renovation at apartmentapothecary.com.

Cost-effective decorating

Want to transform your home on a budget? Bring out the paintbrush and add some natural finds, like interiors blogger Ruth. Discover her top, low-cost decorating tricks and see more of her renovation at designsoda.co.uk.

Gaining space

Need more space? Londoners Tim and Ewan doubled their ground floor with a kitchen extension. Discover how they did it, and what they learnt along the way.

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