Street Talk

Get fluent in home buying

What’s the word on the street if you’re looking to buy a home? To find out, we asked Kerry and Remi – both intrepid would-be buyers – to talk to those with first-hand experience.

And what cracking conversations they had, with everyone from first-timers to renters, movers to owners and those just thinking of buying a home for the very first time.

They gave us tips for finding information, buying advice galore, practical steps to help take on the biggest challenges, what to expect at critical moments, and key questions to ask when buying a home.

There are tricky tests too. Getting to grips with the jargon, offers pulled out from under your feet, and the good money habits you’ll need to stay on track.

Watch the brilliant straight talk with Street Talk – and find out what ownership really means.

  • Do you speak ‘home buying’?

    Buying a home has a language all its own – ERC or EPC anyone? Freehold, leasehold and bridging loan?

    We asked home buyers how confident they feel with jargon and acronyms, and what they thought such terms mean. Here’s how to get fluent in home buying.  

  • If only I’d known earlier…

    ‘Learn from the mistakes of others so you won’t make them yourself’ is a great life lesson – one that’s especially helpful for buying a home. Owners reveal what they wish they’d known before buying and offer their best guidance for success.

  • What does ‘home’ mean to you?

    Home means something special for everyone. We took to Britain’s streets to ask what you thought.

  • What to ask before you buy

    Asking key questions can help you work out if the home you want to buy is right for you. We asked home buyers for their tips on what to say when looking at properties.

  • Have you got a move-in move?

    The keys to a new home can trigger all sorts of celebration – a drink, a well-deserved dinner and even a dance move! Owners show us the moves they made when they first moved in. Do you have one too?

  • Why money can be an emotional topic

    Everyone has their own personal relationship with money – the way we spend, save and (try to) look after it. We hear how it can be such an emotional topic, and why it could help to talk about it more. 

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