Worth every penny

When your idea of a home truly comes to life

It’s a story of passion, love, commitment – and a phenomenal place to call your own. 

When a buyer’s devotion to the age-old idea of ‘making your home your own’ takes on a wonderful modern twist, remarkable tales can be told.

We meet two sets of owners who followed their dreams of a home life and created a unique property worth every penny paid.

See how their stories took shape, why they chose to live where they do and discover the changes they made to their homes that let their personality shine throughout.

Step over their thresholds for an access-all-areas tour, and find out what being a homeowner means to them.

  • Growing Home

    Converting a cowshed into a kitchen can’t have been an easy task. But Stephen and Helen Reynolds show how they turned an old farmhouse in dire need of TLC into the cosiest of family homes where Christmas is coming all year long. 

  • A place to play

    Most family homes are full of activity – and the Garlick family have taken this to its absolute limit.

    Dad Paul and mum Natalie have turned their house into a giant playground from top to bottom. This includes the attic where daughter Lucy, who has competed for Team GB, uses a rock climbing wall to hone her skills. 

    With ropes, bars and grips all over the house and garden, almost every room is a marvellous place to play. Paul is still holding out – just – against monkey bars on the living room ceiling… 

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