Investment Outlook 2020

Our investment themes for the year

Our Investment Outlook videos feature commentaries from members of our senior investment team on the global investment outlook for 2020

Looking forward to 2020

Will the new year bring joy or worry to investors?

While 2019 proved to be a stellar year for investors, will 2020 continue this trend of clear and steady growth or do investors need to strap themselves in for a more turbulent ride? Will Hobbs, Chief Investment Officer, looks back at 2019 and charts what drove investments to such heights and what we can expect in the coming months of 2020.

Are fears of a recession justified?

Looking beyond the headlines

Fears of a recession are dominating investor conversations – and for good reason. The risks of a recession have been higher than they’ve been for several years. Jean-Paul Jaegers, Head of Asset Allocation, looks beyond the headlines and talks about the actual likelihood of experiencing a recession in 2020, as well what we can do to prepare for what the future may bring.

Goal-based investing

Helping you to achieve your financial objectives

Creating a plan for your future goals gives you a leg up for actually achieving them. Rob Smith, Head of Behavioural Finance, talks about how to create an investment plan, how to put it into motion, and most importantly what you need to know so that you keep to it in order to be able to reach your goals.

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