What is the ‘View card details’ feature, and how can I use it?

‘View card details’ is a simple and convenient way to make online, telephone and mail-order payments if you don’t have your Barclaycard to hand, or it hasn’t arrived yet.

You’ll be able to view your card number, expiry date and security code anytime, anywhere in your app. Tap ‘Cards’ under ‘Quick links’, and then ‘View card details’.

Lost your Barclaycard? Not a problem. Once you’ve reported it lost or stolen, we’ll update your new card details within 24 hours in ‘View card details’ so you can use the app until your plastic card arrives.

We may limit access to your card to protect you from fraud.

I’m a Barclaycard customer, why am I unable to use the ‘View card details’ feature in the Barclays app?

‘View card details’ is subject to eligibility checks, which may be why you don’t have access to it.

If you’ve previously been able to access ‘View card details’, there may be times when we limit access to it to help protect you from fraud.

When the feature’s available again, it’ll appear in your ‘Cards’ menu.