Question 1 of 6 about Reporting fraud

How do I report a scam or fraud?

If you’re worried about fraud on your account, tell us as soon as you can. Use ‘Direct Call’ from the ‘Help’ section of your app.

You could consider temporarily freezing your debit card. Do this in Cards – you can also unfreeze your card in the app at any point

If you’d like an update on your existing fraud case, get in touch using ‘Direct Call’.

If you’ve received a suspicious email

If the email looks like it’s from us but something’s not quite right or you suspect a scam, please forward it to

Once you’ve done this, delete it straight away.

Remember, we’ll never tell you to transfer money out of your account to keep it safe from fraud, or ask for your PIN, PINsentry code, activation code, QR activation code or online banking passcodes. We’ll also never text you with a link to make a payment.