Barclays Cloud It

Secure document storage that helps you organise your life.

Barclays Cloud It is designed to make your life easier.

Do away with drawers full of paperwork and store all of your important documents safely and securely in your cloud.

To help, we’ll upload your Barclays documents – such as statements – to your cloud as well.

It’s simple to access your documents whenever you log in to Online Banking or your app.1

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Barclays Cloud It offers

Convenience – upload, sort and manage your important information

Security – your information is kept safely with us

Flexibility – retrieve information whenever you need it

Peace of mind – no need to worry about lost documents

  • Going on holiday

    Keep secure copies of your holiday documents

    If anything is lost while you are away , you can retrieve a digital copy from Barclay Cloud IT

    Ensuring that your documents are safe can be a challenge when travelling.

    If anything is lost while you’re away, you can retrieve a digital copy from Barclays Cloud It. So, you can organise your paperwork and access documents from almost anywhere – without disrupting your holiday.

    Upload and store your

    Passport – store a digital copy safely in your cloud

    Tickets – view bookings and boarding passes

    Travel insurance and visas – store back up copies

    Hotel details – view your reservation details

    Rentals information – back up copies of car and equipment bookings

  • Buying a car

    Manage vehicle documents quickly and efficiently

    With Barclays Cloud It, you need never miss an MOT or vehicle service again.

    With Barclays Cloud It, you need never miss an MOT or vehicle service again.

    Store copies of important certificates and receipts where you know they’re safe – and set alerts to remind you when renewal is due.

    Stay on top of your paperwork, so you never miss another deadline.

    Upload and secure your

    Service history – store your receipts

    Car insurance – ensure you’ve a copy when needed

    Driving license – store in details in case of loss

    V5C (log book) – review when buying insurance

    Lease agreement – easy to find when completing your tax return


  • Buying a home

    Make each move easier than the last

    Through Barclays Cloud It you can digitally store copies of documents required to complete the process of buying a house

    Buying a house can be a time-consuming task. The number of certificates, reports and surveys required can be a challenge.

    Ensuring you have copies of the right documents at the right time can help you complete the process more efficiently.

    Through Barclays Cloud It, you can rely on securely stored digital copies of your documents – so you always have the information at your fingertips.

    Upload and store your

    Surveys – upload for speedy access

    Mortgage information – scan details for quick retrieval

    Home insurance – store and download to check you’re covered

    Building regulation – upload government guidelines for building work

    Guarantees – upload copies for safe keeping

  • Your family

    Store copies of vital documents where you know they’re safe

    Store copies of vital documents where you know they are safe

    Over time, you can build a secure library of key information so you’ll have it close to hand. It could be years before a copy of a birth certificate or an exam certificate is required, but with Barclays Cloud It, you’ll be able to find it quickly.

    Upload and store your

    Savings information – store details for quick retrieval

    Life Insurance – store details for a regular review

    School certificate – upload copies for safe keeping


  • Running a business

    Keep copies of essential information easily available

    If you feel that there aren’t enough hours in the day to keep things organised, let Barclays Cloud It do it for you

    If you feel that there aren’t enough hours in the day to keep things organised, let Barclays Cloud It do it for you.

    By uploading, sorting and managing your documents securely online, you can focus on other tasks.

    Keep copies of vital business paperwork safe, file documents according to your own needs and stay on top of deadlines.2

    Upload and store your

    Bank statements – we’ll upload them to your cloud automatically

    Contracts – upload details for safe keeping

    Expenses – store copies of receipts for quick retrieval

    Invoices and Purchase Orders – store for easy payment and analysis

New to Barclays

Discover the benefits of our secure document management service – Barclays Cloud It. You can apply for a new bank account online in around 10 minutes, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Your documents in online banking

You can find Barclays Cloud It on your Online Banking homepage.3