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Do you want your hard-earned savings to work even harder for you, but aren’t sure where to start? Or maybe you don’t have time to manage all of your own investments?

Plan & Invest is a digital wealth management service that brings together the best of our investment expertise with our secure technology to invest and manage your money in a truly personalised way.

Tell us about yourself, your goals and once you’ve successfully completed our online questionnaire, we’ll create an investment strategy just for you. When you’re ready, pay in at least £5,000 and our experts will choose and manage your investments for you. If your circumstances change, we’ll adapt your plan to reflect your new priorities.

Remember the value of investments can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invest. On this page we’ll help you understand if Plan & Invest is right for you and how it works. After reading this, if you’re not sure if this service is right for you, you should seek independent advice.

Why choose Plan & Invest?

Invest in a truly personalised way – Tell us a bit about yourself in an online questionnaire. We’ll work out how much you can afford to invest and create a personalised Investment Plan designed to help you reach your unique goals

You have our ongoing support– Our experts will select and manage your investments for you, and we’ll adapt your plan as things change in your life

Do things in your own time – It takes about half an hour to complete the online questionnaire, but it’s saved for a month so you can come back to it when you want. When you’re ready, you have three months to invest  the minimum amount of £5,000 – this can be done gradually during that time, it doesn’t have to be paid in all at once

Make changes whenever you want – You can make one-off payments whenever you want and set up automatic monthly payments. You can also change the amount you pay in, stop monthly payments or sell your investments at any time

All in one place – See the performance of your investments next to your cash savings and current accounts in Online Banking and the Barclays app.

Is Plan & Invest right for me?

I’ve got money in savings and would like to invest some of it

  • We’ll help you understand if investing is right for you and how much you can afford to invest
  • We’ll calculate the minimum you should set aside in cash for a rainy day
  • You can take your time to get comfortable with investing. Start with £5,000 or take three months to build it up. This minimum amount allows us to manage your investments cost-efficiently
  • Get into the habit of investing regularly - set up automatic monthly payments.
  • If you're unsure if investing is right for you, understanding the benefits and drawbacks of cash savings vs investing is a great place to start.

I’ve already got some investments, but I like the idea of someone doing the hard work for me

  • You can have the best of both worlds - Plan & Invest can complement other investments you manage yourself.
  • Our experts take care of your investments so you don’t have to
  • We’ll make sure your investments are well diversified – spreading risk and reducing the potential for losses
  • With over 10,000 investment options, we’ll make sure your plan is truly personalised
  • We work with who we consider to be the best fund managers in the world
  • If you’d like to make the buy and sell decisions yourself, you can do that with Smart Investor

How does Plan & Invest work?

Tell us about yourself

  • Complete our online questionnaire. We’ll ask about your finances, whether you have a specific goal in mind and a bit about how you feel about taking risk
  • Take as much time as you want – with ‘save and resume’ everything you tell us is saved for 30 days
  • We’ll create an Investment Plan that takes into account everything you’ve told us and we’ll let you know what we think your investments could be worth in the future.

We’ll get you invested

  • When you’re ready, pay in some money and we’ll start investing it for you using the investment strategy we recommended in your plan
  • We’ll set up the accounts you need to invest tax-efficiently, based on how you’ve used your current tax-year’s ISA allowance
  • You can set up regular monthly payments from your current account so you’re investing a little bit more each month without having to think about it.

Leave it to us

  • We’ll manage your investments for you, including making any tweaks as markets go up and down. You can keep an eye on what we’re doing whenever you want in Online Banking or the Barclays app
  • Every quarter we’ll update you on how your investments are doing and any changes we’ve made
  • Your plan adapts as your life changes so, at least once a year, we’ll check in with you to see if anything needs updating.

Remember the value of investments can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invest.

How much will it cost?

The costs are a combination of two charges, which are charged at the end of each month.

There is a service cost (1.14%) for managing your investment and a product cost (0.25-0.45%) applied by the fund manager depending on the investments within your Plan.

Before you open your account, we’ll show you exactly how much you can expect to pay

We won’t charge you to pay in or withdraw money, transfer or close your Plan

Charges are taken directly from your investments – so it’s all taken care of for you

Representative example

Based on the value of your account(s)

Account value Service cost per month
£5,000 (min. investment) £4.75 per month
£20,000 £19 per month
£100,000 £95 per month

Products costs are in addition to the service costs shown above.

Behind the scenes

If you decide to invest with us, you can have peace of mind knowing that the professionals looking after your investments are the same ones used by our customers with large sums to invest.

You can hear directly from them about how they select and manage investments in our series of Plan & Invest videos and articles.

We work with some of the best in the world

We work with the fund managers we believe are amongst the best in the world at what they do, so they can handle the complexity of investing for you.

We'll make sure your eggs aren't all in one basket

Our team will make sure your investments are spread across a broad range of companies around the world and that you're not overly invested in one particular location or industry.

We'll monitor your investments regularly

They'll also make sure you're always invested in a way that's right for your personal circumstances and that your investments are performing in line with our expectations.

If we see an opportunity we'll act

If we spot an opportunity in the markets, we'll make adjustments to your investments to take advantage of it.

Remember the value of investments can fall as well as rise. You may not get back what you invest.

Other things to bear in mind

Investing is best suited for long-term goals. You should be willing to invest for a minimum of five years but you can access your money at any time if you need to

The minimum investment amount of £5,000 can be funded by cash or ISA transfer and you have 90 days to reach this amount. You should carefully consider the implications of transferring before doing so. You can find out more in our FAQs

Plan & Invest is only available to Barclays current account holders and you must be over 18, a UK tax resident and not a US person

Like to talk to us?

We’ve got lots of information in our FAQs but if you’d like to talk to someone, our UK based team are just a phone call away. Call us on 0333 202 7533. Opening hours: Monday – Friday 09:00 – 17:00 (excluding UK bank holidays).

Call charges may apply. Please check with your service provider. To maintain a quality service we may monitor or record phone calls.

Alternatively, you can book a call back to speak to one of our specialists about Plan & Invest.

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