Cash ISAs

No tax? It’s the icing on the cake

Pay into a cash ISA to use your 2018/19 allowance of £20,000 by 5 April, and you won’t get taxed on any interest your ISA makes.

Simply switch to us to get started

In order to take out a Premier Cash ISA you need to be a Barclays Premier Banking customer. If you would like to become a Barclays Premier Banking customer and meet the Barclays Premier Banking eligibility criteria1, you can switch from any other bank accounts you have outside of Barclays.

The Current Account Switch Service lets you switch a current account from one participating bank or building society to another – it’s free and takes seven working days. It’s designed to be simple and stress-free, and the full switch option is backed by the Current Account Switch Guarantee. As part of the full switch, we’ll transfer all your payment orders in and out (such as salary and Direct Debits) to your new Barclays account, and also set up a payment redirection for any credits or debits from your old account for a minimum of three years.

Step 1: Book a time to visit us in branch, so we can open your new account
Step 2: Give us a few details and choose a full or partial switch
Step 3: We’ll set it all up and tell you when it’s done
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Premier 1-Year Flexible Cash ISA

Earn a fixed rate on your money, and have the flexibility to access some of your savings too.


Premier 3-Year Flexible Cash ISA

Tax-free savings, with some access to your money.