The Moneyverse mindsets

The Moneyverse mindsets

Which one do you have?

If money talks, what does yours say about you? Maybe that you’re a crafty, creative coupon queen. Or a scrupulous saver who can resist almost any temptation. Or that you’re a mindful shopper, using your spending power for the good of the planet. Of course you could be more than one – and maybe all – of these too.

When it comes to money, everyone’s got their own approach. So we’ve taken a light-hearted (and totally non-scientific) look at six very different Moneyverse mindsets. Recognise yourself in any of them?

The joyful spender

Hey, cool trainers. And jacket. And haircut – in fact, you look great head to toe. You like the nicer things in life, and why not? Money isn’t just for paying the bills and you spend it well, whatever your budget. And you know that you don’t have to be a millionaire to make the most of your cash, because it’s not about how much you spend. Instead, it’s more about budgeting for quality stuff that brings you joy. We’re sure you’ve already got a few loyalty cards for your favourite shops. So why not go one better, and make sure you get rewarded where you can by using cashback websites on your high-street hauls?

The thrifty creative

Minding the pennies isn’t boring – because you make it fun and interesting. You know that sticking to a tight budget makes you creative, and you love the challenge of squeezing more out of less. We’re talking stylish, on-point outfits from the local charity shop and three-course meals from yesterday’s leftovers. You’re proof that living well doesn’t have to be pricy. And we bet your Pinterest boards are amazing, too. (In fact, can we follow you?)

The modern investor

Are you a middle-aged man in a grey suit? Well, you might be – but now you’re just as likely to be a young mum in Converse trainers. The investor stereotype is well and truly over. Whoever you are (and whatever your fashion tastes), you’re a deep-down responsible type, with one eye on the future. But equally, you find investing pretty fun. Yep, fun. You like the challenge of learning new things, and let’s be honest, you like a bit of risk too. All within reason, of course. Investing is risky, as you know – and the ‘past performance is no guarantee of future success’ mantra means you never let any gains go to your head. But with so many investing apps and online services, it’s now much easier to stay on top of your funds and keep a close eye on the ups and downs via your smartphone. Just make sure any mischievous tech-savvy kids in your home can’t tap into the account and cause mayhem. Mini flash crash anyone?

Remember, the value of investments can fall as well as rise. You may not get back what you invest.

The generous friend

Does money make you happy? Of course it does, because you love spending it on your favourite people and seeing them smile. For you, there’s nothing better than turning cold, hard cash into warm, fuzzy feelings. Family meals, drinks with mates, birthday presents – money makes them all possible, and you’re always happy to chip in or splash out. And you likely donate to charity as well. What more can we say? You’re lovely, you are. Here’s a quick tip to help make your goodwill go even further – don’t forget to help your chosen causes claim Gift Aid.

The careful saver

Your favourite number? It’s the one on your savings account, that goes up every month. You’re no big spender – instead, you love the feeling of having cash stashed away safely. Maybe you’ve been saving since your first piggybank – or maybe you’ve just started putting the pennies away for a big life purchase. It’s not always easy to stay on track but nothing beats the feeling of smashing your savings goal. (And you’ll splash out to celebrate when you get there, won’t you?) If you haven’t already, check out the Barclays app1for handy tools to help you save even more and make money work harder for you.

The eco-conscious shopper

You won’t spend your cash on just anything – you want to be sure you’re putting the power of your pound to good use. That means clothes and groceries that won’t cost the earth, and even a mortgage for an energy-efficient home (see our green mortgage). You try to shop locally and you’re always looking for sustainable, ethical options. Fair play to you – green consumer power has a real effect. And if your weekly shop has the feel-good factor, that’s even better.

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