Barclays Van

Our vans will be in public places at set dates and times, where we can help with money management, our products, services and transactions that don’t involve cash or cheques.

24/7 External atm with deposit



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Special hours

There are some important changes to our regular opening hours below:


Important information

We'll be available on Wednesday between 10:30am and 2:30pm every 2 weeks.

There is no counter or cash facilities available on the van.

Do not send mail for Barclays to the above address, please use Barclays, Leicester LE87 2BB.

Visit times are subject to change and adverse weather conditions may impact the service.

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You can just come in to see us, but you might have to wait if we’re busy. To avoid this, or be sure when we’ll see you, you can make an appointment here.

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Services Available

Power of attorney assistance

If you need to let someone access your accounts, or need to do this for someone else, we can discuss your options and help you register here.

Fraud and scams advice

We can show you how you can protect you and your family from fraud and scams. We can also help if you’ve been a victim.

Payments and transfers

We can help with regular and one-off payments, moving money between your accounts, domestic and international payments, and paying bills online.

Digital banking help

We can help with online banking, as well as managing your accounts, account queries, reviewing transactions and registering for new products on your phone, tablet or computer.

Bereavement assistance

You can let us know here if someone who banks with us has passed away.

Money management

If you’re in financial difficulty or have money worries, we can provide support, guidance and mentoring on money management and financial health.

Need cash?

For nearby cash machines and Post Offices go to

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Accessibility features available

Wheelchair access
External ramp
Hearing induction loop
Automated door
Automated door
Automated door
Automated door
Automated door
Automated door
Automated door