Previous Terms and Conditions

Here are the Terms and Conditions that previously applied to the investment products and services we offered. They may have been applicable to you if your account(s) were opened or operating between the dates specified.

Terms and Conditions for Smart Investor accounts and notices of changes to these are sent to Smart Investor account holders.

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Date terms applied: 25 May To 30 September 2018

GDPR LP Terms [PDF, 267KB]

Date terms applied: 1 April 2017 To 25 May 2018

MiFID LP Terms [PDF, 263KB]

Prior to 31 July 2017 Stockbrokers terms would have applied. These are available upon request. (This would change in 2024 to "Older terms are available upon request")

If your account was originally held with Barclays Stockbrokers, you can request copies of the Stockbrokers terms by calling us on 0800 279 36671.

View the current terms for the investment products and services we offer.

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