Most popular gilts and bonds

Find out what are the most popular gilts and bonds among Smart Investor customers.

Remember, the value of investments can fall as well as rise and you could get back less than you invest. If you’re not sure about investing, seek independent advice.

On the investment risk scale, bonds – sometimes referred to as fixed-income investments – typically sit between cash and shares.

The details of our most popular gilts and bonds are updated monthly, using the number of purchase deals placed by our Smart Investor customers during the previous month.

You may be interested to see what other customers have done, however this may have limited value in making a decision on the investments that are most suitable for you. This is not a personal recommendation and should not be seen as independent advice.

You should remember the investment goals you have set, and consider if an investment helps you build a diversified and balanced portfolio.

To find out more about any of these investments, please click on the name of the one you are interested in below, and it will take you directly to the factsheet. The factsheet contains important information to help you understand the gilt or bond, including the risks relevant to the investment, and gives you access to all the key documents related to the investment.

Top 10 Fixed income purchases: May 2024
Rank Name % ISIN
1 UK(GOVT OF) 0.5% SNR 22/10/2061 GBP1000 15.68% GB00BMBL1D50
2 UK(GOVT OF) 5% SNR 07/03/2025 GBP1000 8.36% GB0030880693
3 UK(GOVT OF) 0.25% BDS 31/01/25 GBP1000 4.88% GB00BLPK7110
4 UK(GOVT OF) 3.5% BDS 22/10/2025 GBP0.01 4.70% GB00BPCJD880
5 UK(GOVT OF) 2.75% GILT SNR 9/24 GBP1000 4.36% GB00BHBFH458
6 UK(GOVT OF) 6% SNR 07/12/2028 GBP1000 2.96% GB0002404191
7 UK(GOVT OF) 0.125% SNR 30/01/26 GBP1000 2.26% GB00BL68HJ26
8 UK(GOVT OF) 0.625% SNR 07/06/25 GBP1000 2.09% GB00BK5CVX03
9 UK(GOVT OF) 1.5% GILT 22/07/2026 GBP 2.09% GB00BYZW3G56
10 UK(GOVT OF) 4.75% BDS 22/10/43 GBP1000 2.09% GB00BPJJKP77

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