Visit our partner, Web Financial Group, if you’re looking for live pricing, streaming charts and more.

You must open a separate account with Web Financial Group to access the Active Trader platform. There is no trading capability on the platform as it is a pure research service, covering only UK investments. Research does not guarantee positive investment returns.

Web Financial Group (WFG) Active Trader is a paid for research service above and beyond our free-to-use Research Centre.

There are two levels to WFG’s service that are designed to enhance your ability to monitor fast moving markets.

Level 1 provides:

  • Access to live prices
  • Streaming charts
  • Additional insight into the market and access tools to test investment strategies
  • Create and manage watch-lists across multiple industries and sectors.

Level 2 provides all of the above as well as:

  • The ability to see orders awaiting execution on the buy and sell side of the order book.

Please note that WFG Active Trader will open in a new window.

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