What is the Investment Saver?

We created the Investment Saver so that Investment Account holders can earn interest on their uninvested cash. Here’s how it works.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why we have created an Investment Saver
  • How you manage your Investment Account alongside your Investment Saver.

Smart Investor is provided by Barclays Investment Solutions Limited (Barclays Investment Solutions).

As Barclays Investment Solutions isn’t a bank, it can’t hold your uninvested cash as a deposit in the way Barclays Bank was able to and therefore cash balances won’t receive interest in line with current interest rates.

To give you the opportunity to earn interest, we created the Investment Saver for your uninvested cash. Here, we explain how it works.

Do all Smart Investor customers have an Investment Saver?

No, only customers with Investment Accounts have an Investment Saver for their uninvested cash. Smart Investor Investment ISAs and SIPPs do not have an Investment Saver.

You can decide if you’re happy for us to automatically transfer any uninvested cash from your Investment Account to your Investment Saver each day by selecting this option within the Investment Settings section of the website. This won’t have any impact on your ability to trade as we will automatically move any cash needed to your Investment Account to fund investments, corporate actions and fees as required.

Any uninvested cash held in your Investment Saver will earn interest, details of our current interest rates can be found here.

No interest will be earned on cash in your Investment Account.

What happens to uninvested cash held in my Investment Account rather than in the Investment Saver?

This is held by Barclays Investment Solutions as Client Money. As Barclays Investment Solutions is not a bank, it can’t hold Smart Investor customers’ uninvested cash as a deposit.

Client Money is placed by Barclays Investment Solutions with a panel of regulated and authorised banks it selects. Where the bank is authorised in the UK and eligible, deposits may be protected under the Deposit Protection Scheme, up to the applicable limit should one of those banks become insolvent (currently this is £85,000 for all cash held per depositor, per bank). The panel of banks is available here.

What about uninvested cash in my Investment ISA or Barclays SIPP?

Any uninvested cash you hold in your Investment ISA or Barclays SIPP is held by Barclays Investment Solutions as Client Money, you can now earn interest on cash you hold. Find out more about our interest rates.

Can I make transfers from my Investment Saver to my Investment Account?

Yes, you can transfer uninvested cash from your Investment Saver into your Investment Account. However, if there is not enough cash to cover an investment, a corporate action or fees, we will automatically move sufficient cash into your Investment Account.

If you’ve given us permission, we can also automatically move any uninvested cash from your Investment Account to your Investment Saver on a daily basis to give you the opportunity to earn interest.

How can I access my Investment Saver?

You can access your Investment Saver in the same way as you access your Investment Account, whether it’s online by logging in to My Hub, or over the phone.

How does the Investment Saver work?

Watch our video to find out how to set permissions on your Investment Saver.

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