Going paperless

It’s easy to manage your account online – and save yourself time.

Smart Investor is an online service, so by choosing to go paperless you can receive your investment service alerts by email or text, and your important documents online - this’ll give you the best overall experience.  

The benefits of going paperless

A safe, secure and handy way to access all your important documents – 24/7 – securely, and in one place within the My Barclays documents online cloud

Reduce the clutter, with all your statements and correspondence stored in a safe online hub – you can search easily for specific documents

We’ll send you an email reminder any time you have a new document to view

Service alerts sent via email or text, such as your advance monthly fee notification or order confirmations, will reach you quicker

Managing your account online and going paperless for alerts and important documents is also better for the environment.

Do you need to update your contact details?

(Do this first)

  • Log in to My hub
  • Choose contact details from the personal details menu
  • You may need to verify any new details using a PINsentry device (if you don’t have one contact us and we’ll be happy to help).

How to go paperless

Going paperless for your Alerts

  • Log in to My hub
  • Choose Alerts from the investment settings menu
  • Select email or text under the notifications heading
  • You’ll then start to receive all your service alerts via email or text.

Going paperless for Important documents

  • Log in to My hub
  • Choose Important documents from the investment settings menu
  • Select online under the document delivery heading
  • You’ll then start to receive all your important documents online.

Accessing your important documents

When you’re in My hub, choose My Barclays documents from the My documents and messages menu at the top, and there you’ll find all your documents, categorised in one place.

For a list of the key documents you’ll be able to view online, please see our FAQ – What key documents can I receive and how are these sent to me?