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Our Barclays Multi-Manager selection is a group of funds run by Barclays' own experts, covering the sectors we believe are key to building a balanced and diversified investment portfolio.

Remember that Smart Investor does not offer financial advice, so you must decide how to invest your money. The criteria outlined here can only help you narrow down the choice. Investing in funds is like any other type of investment. The value of your investment can fall as well as rise. You might not get back the amount you invest.

What is a Multi-Manager Fund?

Instead of the manager of the fund choosing individual shares and bonds to invest in themselves– their job is to choose other world-leading, specialist fund managers to look after parts of the fund.

What are the benefits of a Multi-Manager fund?

Multi-Manager funds can be a good starting point if you’re new to investing as they enable you to spread your risks in building exposure to a single market. Also each of the underlying fund managers will have a different approach to investing, and Barclays will balance the allocation to each so that the fund’s investments have the potential to perform in all kinds of different market conditions.

Why invest with Barclays?

The experts at Barclays have access to what we consider to be the world’s best investment talent, giving them the ability to carefully select and blend complimentary investment styles and strategies. As a result, the Barclays Multi-Manager funds provide enhanced diversification in a single investment. Different investment styles tend to perform best at different points of the economic cycles, so blending managers with contrasting styles means the funds should have the potential to generate good returns in all market conditions.

How do we select the Barclays Multi-Manager funds for our list?

The Barclays funds team run a wide range of funds and from this we’ve selected here the ones that fit with the key sectors we use in our list, where a relevant product is available. The funds included in this selection are reviewed every six months, in June and December. Funds are not included or excluded from the list based on their past performance. To see any changes to the list, please check our additions and removals page. While only Barclays Multi-Manager funds are used in this list similar products are available run by other managers.

Our 13 Fund Sectors are:

It’s important to fully understand what you’re investing in, so please make sure you do your own research and, in particular, investigate the fund’s key details on the fund factpage linked from the fund name. Make sure you read the Key Investor Information Document (KIID) found there when making your decision on investing. There is also a fund factsheet that you might find useful. If you’re not sure about anything, please seek professional advice.

Ongoing cost and KIID risk scores shown are correct from the fund manager KIID documents as at June 2023. As these can change, please check the latest KIID.

Why are KIID risk score and ongoing costs important?

Emerging Markets

Barclays GA Emerging Markets Equity Fund

Ongoing cost: 1.25% / KIID risk score: 5

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Global Bonds

Barclays GA Global Corporate Bond Fund

Ongoing cost: 0.89% (Acc), 0.88% (Inc) / KIID risk score: 4

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Barclays GA Japan Fund

Ongoing cost: 1.06% / KIID risk score: 6

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North America

Barclays GA US Equity Fund

Ongoing cost: 0.85% / KIID risk score: 5

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Sterling Bonds

Barclays Sterling Corporate Bond Fund

Ongoing cost: 0.79% / KIID risk score: 4

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UK Equity - Growth

Barclays UK Alpha Fund

Ongoing cost: 1.06% / KIID risk score: 6

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Barclays GA UK Opportunities Fund

Ongoing cost: 1.03% / KIID risk score: 6

Barclays UK Small and Mid Cap Fund

Ongoing cost: 1.33% / KIID risk score: 6

Read our Single-Asset Funds Value Assessment [PDF, 587KB]

UK Equity - Income

Barclays UK Equity Income Fund

Ongoing cost: 1.10% / KIID risk score: 6

Read our Single-Asset Funds Value Assessment [PDF, 587KB]

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