Smart Investor with Clare Francis

In this series of handy investing updates, Clare Francis, director of Savings and Investments for Barclays Smart Investor, sets out to demystify personal investments, cutting through the jargon and helping you to become a smarter investor.

In the coming weeks, Clare will focus on the issues that really matter to investors, whether you’re relatively new or you’ve been investing for years. She’ll look at the experiences of other investors and gather some insights from seasoned experts.

The value of investments can fall as well as rise and you could get back less than you invest. If you’re not sure about investing, seek independent advice.

Our ISA videos

What is an investment ISA?

An investment ISA is also known as a stocks and shares ISA. In this short video, Clare explains what it is and what the main benefits are.

How much can you save in an ISA?

Clare covers how much you can save in an ISA and how you can split this allowance between the different types of ISAs.

What can you invest in an investment ISA?

In this short video, Clare tells us about the different types of assets you can hold within an investment ISA.

ISA flexibility explained

In this one minute video Clare explains how ISA flexibility works, to help you get the most from your ISA allowance.

Previous videos

Understanding inflation

In this episode, Clare talks through how inflation impacts savings and investments. Clare also analyses a recent poll run by Barclays to find out if the public is worried about rising inflation, and shares some tips on how to deal with it.

Where do you get started with investing?

In this episode, Clare talks through some of the things to consider once you’ve decided you’re ready to invest. Like what level of risk are you comfortable taking? Are you looking for income, growth or a bit of both? Do you want a Ready-made Investment, to choose your own funds, or shares?

What rising interest rates mean for your investments

Although we’re frequently told about the impact of higher rates on our savings and mortgages, it’s often less clear what they might mean for the rest of your finances. In this episode, Clare explains what rising interest rates could mean for your investments.

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