SIPP Forms

This page holds forms which may be useful to you in managing your Barclays SIPP.

We are not currently able to open new Barclays SIPPs. Notify me when SIPP account opening becomes available

Important SIPP documents

Terms and Conditions [PDF, 708KB]

Key Features Document [PDF, 376KB]

Benefits Guide [PDF, 346KB]

Master Factsheet - Pay In, Withdraw, Transfer [PDF, 221KB]

Expression of Wishes Guide [PDF, 182KB]

Expression of Wishes Form [PDF, 183KB]

Use the manage button in your SIPP account to pay in, withdraw or transfer existing pensions into your SIPP account.

Fund your account

Use this form to make regular contributions by Direct Debit:

Direct Debit Instruction Form (Payment to SIPP) [PDF, 248KB]

If you want to pay your fees from your bank account please set up a Barclays direct debit.

Use this form to contribute to a Child SIPP:

SIPP Additional Contribution Form [PDF, 204KB]

SIPP benefits forms

Pension Flexibility Factsheet/ Understanding your new pension [PDF, 201KB]

Transitional protection and insufficient lifetime allowance form (incl. Declarations) [PDF, 210KB]

Annuity purchase discharge form (incl. Declarations) [PDF, 282KB]

Capped Drawdown [PDF, 313KB]

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