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  • Who do I contact about my Barclaycard?

    You can either call Barclaycard’s customer services or ask your question online. You’ll find the details of both options here.

  • Check your eligibility

    Looking for a credit card? See if you’re likely to be accepted in just a few minutes.

  • Credit cards

    Whether you want to start a new project, build up your credit score or consolidate your borrowing, there could be a Barclaycard to suit you.

  • Balance transfer credit cards

    If you’re paying interest on credit or store cards, you could consolidate what you owe with one of our balance transfer cards.

  • How do I replace my broken or damaged card?

    Find out how to replace a worn, broken or damaged debit card.

  • Credit building credit cards

    If you’re looking to improve your credit score or start building one from scratch, our cards could help.

  • Reward credit cards

    You could pocket cashback every time you spend with our Platinum cashback card. 21.9% APR Representative (variable).

  • Credit cards jargon buster

    Find credit card jargon confusing? Our simple guide will make sure you understand key industry terminology for credit cards.

  • Ways to borrow

    Whether you’re looking for a loan, credit card, overdraft or mortgage, understand your borrowing options, so you can choose what’s right for you.

  • What is a credit rating?

    Applying for credit? Your credit rating effects your application for credit, loans and mortgages. Find out how to improve your credit rating.

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