What does error code 6 mean?

If you're having problems logging in to Online Banking, you may need to clear your internet browser's cache or update the browser.

Below is a guide to clearing the cache for the most common browsers. You can also find the information in your browser's 'help' section.


PC users:

Internet Explorer (IE) – press Ctrl, Shift and Delete together, then select 'temporary internet files' and click 'delete'

Chrome – press Ctrl, Shift and Delete together. In the 'clear browsing data window', select 'cached images and files' only, then click 'clear browsing data'

Firefox – press Ctrl, Shift and Delete together, then select 'clear recent history', select 'cache' only within 'details', then click 'clear now'

Safari – press Ctrl, Alt and the letter E together, then select 'empty'


Mac users:

Chrome – Cmd, Shift and the letter R together

Firefox – Cmd, Shift and the letter R together

Safari – Cmd, Alt button and the letter E together

To update your browser, please check your browser's help section.