What does error code 6 mean?

This means that something’s gone wrong in Online Banking. If you keep seeing this message, you may need to clear your internet browser’s cache or update your browser. Below is a guide to clearing your cache for the most common browsers. You can find information on how to update your browser in your browser’s ‘Help’ section.

This error may also appear if you’ve logged in to Online Banking using your passcode – if you log in with PINsentry this should avoid the problem.


PC users

Internet Explorer (IE) – press Ctrl, Shift and Delete together, then select 'temporary internet files' and click 'delete'

Chrome – press Ctrl, Shift and Delete together. In the 'clear browsing data window', select 'cached images and files' only, then click 'clear browsing data'

Firefox – press Ctrl, Shift and Delete together, then select 'clear recent history', select 'cache' only within 'details', then click 'clear now'

Safari – press Ctrl, Alt and the letter E together, then select 'empty'


Mac users

Chrome – Cmd, Shift and the letter R together

Firefox – Cmd, Shift and the letter R together

Safari – Cmd, Alt button and the letter E together