How do I transfer money between my accounts using Online Banking?

There are 2 fast and easy ways to transfer money between your accounts using Online Banking: 

1. Using the 'transfer money' module

Step 1: The quickest way to transfer money is to use this module on your Online Banking homepage. If you've removed the module from your homepage, you can add it back by selecting ‘add more to this page' in the top blue navigation bar or you can follow the instructions for option 2 below.

Step 2: Make sure the section is maximised by selecting the blue arrow next to the heading. You'll now see an amount field and 2 dropdown options.

Step3: Type in how much money you want to transfer in the amount field and select the accounts you're transferring between, using the dropdowns. You can transfer money immediately by selecting 'transfer now', or you can set up a transfer for a specific date by selecting 'transfer later'.

Step 4: On the next screen, review the payment details to make sure they're correct. Select ‘complete transfer' if they're correct, select the back button if you need to make a change or select cancel if you no longer want to proceed.

2. Using the 'Service centre' menu

Step 1: Select ‘Make transfers and standing orders' in the ‘Service centre’ menu and click on ‘Between your own accounts’ under ‘Transfer money between accounts’.

Continue with steps 3 and 4 as explained above in option 1.