How do I make a payment using self-service machines?

Our self-service machines are available in many branches. If you haven’t used one before, you can ask us to show you how they work. You can use our self-service machines to pay in cash and cheques, see your balance and move money between accounts.

You can use our self-service machines to pay other people and your bills. You’ll need your debit card and the bank details of the person you’re paying. If you’re paying a bill, bring the paper bill or account details and your reference number, if you have one.

You can use your debit or deposit card to deposit up to 200 banknotes, or cheques for any amount, at a self-service machine. Any cash you pay will count towards your annual cash deposit limit.

You can pay someone new or someone you’ve paid before, wherever you are, using the Barclays app.