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  • Openplan Savings

    Here you’ll find account information, plus current and previous interest rates for our Openplan Savings account.

  • Savings accounts

    Whether you’re saving for something big or small, we’ve a range of savings accounts, cash ISAs and investment options that could be right for you.

  • Savings bonds

    With our fixed-rate and flexible bonds, you can put your money away for a fixed rate of return. Here you can compare our bonds and discover how to apply.

  • Wealth savings

    Choose easy-access accounts for day-to-day savings, or get a better interest rate by depositing money for a fixed term.

  • Our savings accounts

    Start savings with as little as £1 through our range of easy-access savings accounts. They allow you to both save and withdraw money with ease.

  • Coronavirus and your savings

    If you have savings with us and you’re worried about how the coronavirus situation could affect your finances, read our FAQs.

  • Terms and conditions

    This page contains information about legal terms and conditions for Barclays accounts and clients.

  • Sales & Marketing challenges

    Get sales and marketing know-how from four of the UK’s most savvy entrepreneurs

  • Investment News & Articles

    Read our latest articles to discover market insights, economic trends and investment ideas.

  • High Growth & Entrepreneurs

    Whether you’re just forming your big idea or are already on your journey, we have the tools and support to help you move forward and grow your business.

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