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  • How to buy shares

    Once you’re comfortable with your level of risk, your next step is to start building your portfolio. Find out about the different ways you can buy shares.

  • Child Trust Fund guide

    Got a question about Child Trust Funds? Find your answer in our handy guide.

  • Podcasts

    Find out what our experts think about the latest news and financial market events with our podcast series.

  • How to spot a long-term winner

    Learn how to pick shares which potentially offer the most promising investment opportunities over the long-term. Capital at risk.

  • Profiting from uncertainty

    The future will always be unknown. Here, we consider what investors should do to cope with the uncertainty.

  • Top things to plan for when getting married

    The day you get married is going to be one of the biggest of your life - find out what you need to think about when you're preparing to tie the knot.

  • How can women overcome the barriers to investing?

    Fewer women than men invest, with male ISA investors outnumbering women in all age groups. We explore the reasons why, and how these might be overcome.

  • 18 Month Flexible Bond

    With a flexible bond, you can earn a fixed rate of interest on your money while still being able to access some of it. Explore our 18 Month Flexible Bond.

  • Coronavirus and your savings

    If you have savings with us and you’re worried about how the coronavirus situation could affect your finances, read our FAQs.

  • Most popular funds

    Find out what are the most popular funds among Smart Investor customers. Capital at risk.

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